DA donates 67+ toys to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

July 18, 2017

Members and staff of the DA in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature today donated 67+ toys to the newly-built Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in Parktown, Johannesburg.

You can view the pictures here and here.

Madiba’s legacy lives on through his dedication to the cause of children. This is reflected in the hospital’s child-centric design which provides spaces for families to be together during what can be the most trying of times. The hospital takes a holistic healing approach and aims to be an institution of medical excellence in Africa.

On the 23rd of April 1997, uTata had the following to say: “Let us reach out to the children. Let us do whatever we can to support their fight to rise above their pain and suffering. You are the future of this country – you are the people who will lead us into the next century.”

There can be no truer words than giving and caring and instilling hope in the lives of young children who will ultimately lead this country to a brighter and prosperous future.

May the words of uTata Madiba echo throughout the African continent and the world as he famously said: “the true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children.”

Let this legacy be remembered and may each and every South African show solidarity in the cause to protect our children.

The DA’s efforts are but a mere drop in the ocean for millions of children yearning for love and affection.

It is our hope that many more South Africans who have the means to assist others in society, take up this call by uTata Madiba and to give with open arms.

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