John Moodey


John Moodey is the Provincial Leader for the DA in Gauteng.

John Moodey’s political career began in 1978 while he was working for the Johannesburg Traffic Department. At that time he was elected as a Shop Steward and a year later, was elected onto the Executive Body of the Coloured and Asian Employees Union which later, when black workers were allowed to unionise, became known as the Combined Employees Union. Moodey served in this capacity until 1996 when he resigned to start his own business.

Moodey later founded an association of rate payers in the Eldorado Park area; he served in the executive of this body for a period of seven years. During this time he was able to assist not only in getting roads tarred and traffic lights installed in the Eldorado Park Ext 9 area, but also to get busses to service the area. In 1996, Moodey re-located to Florida in Roodepoort, and in the following year he arranged for residents from an informal settlement in Florida, to be moved to a more habitable area. During the same year, Moodey was approached by both the Democratic Alliance and the National Party to become a key member. Moodey decided to join the Democratic Alliance and in 1998 he was elected as the Chairperson of its Florida branch.

In 2000, Moodey ran for Ward elections under the banner of the Democratic Alliance and was subsequently elected as the Councillor of Ward 70 in Florida Johannesburg. In 2001, Moodey was elected as the Chairperson of the Johannesburg Democratic Alliance Councillors and in 2002, was elected as the Democratic Alliance Vice-Chairperson for the Gauteng South Region. In 2004, Moodey was appointed to serve in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature and later that year, as the Democratic Alliance Gauteng Provisional Chairperson. Moodey served on various committees, which not only included the Public Transport, Roads and Works Committee, but also the Community Safety Committee and the Oversight Committee for the Premier’s Office and the Legislature.

Moodey was elected to the position of Democratic Alliance Provincial Leader in 2006. In 2009, Moodey returned to the legislature and was elected as Caucus Leader (Leader of the Official Opposition) until 2011. In 2012, Moodey was re-elected to the position of Provincial Leader for the DA in Gauteng and in 2014 he was re-elected into the Legislature and is currently serving as The Leader of the Official Opposition.

Moodey holds numerous Diplomas including Business Administration, Theology, Business Ethics, Solid Waste Management and Traffic Management.

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