SANRAL must innovate not prosecute

  The South African Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) has finally admitted that due to non-compliance, the system of e-Tolling that it implemented in Gauteng has not successfully generated the revenue it needs to upgrade road networks, and in future, will have to look to alternative models of funding.   Since…

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DA Remains Committed To The Fight Against e-Tolls

e-Tolls: With prosecutions looming, where is Premier Makhura?

The Democratic Alliance has noted the default judgement awarded in favour of the South African Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) and continues to encourage motorists to not be pressurised by SANRAL to purchase an e-tag. Despite claims by SANRAL, this judgement does not set a precedent against motorists who have refused…

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More Tax Money Wasted On SANRAL’s Newsletter


Tolling Newsletter The South African Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) has wasted even more tax payer’s money by issuing the so-called ‘Tolling Newsletter” which perpetuates the propaganda it wishes the public to believe. The half-truths contained in the publication are fooling no-one despite it being designed to mislead. A classic example…

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