If Johannesburg works, South Africa works

Today we take the future of Joburg into our hands. We are in Alexandra today, a place which represents the potential of Johannesburg, to show our determination to bring change to Johannesburg. Let’s build a fair Johannesburg that we can all be proud to call home. Let’s create jobs for…

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City of Joburg Perpetuates Illegal Land Occupation

City of Joannesburg

Adequate Housing The City Of Johannesburg (CoJ) needs to ramp up its housing roll-out capabilities, because current inefficiencies are perpetuating the illegal occupation of land. At a recent public meeting in ward 97 Wilgeheuwel, illegal occupants of government owned land made it clear that they have no other alternative but…

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Investigate Zonder-Water Housing Project: DA

Investigate Zonder-Water housing project in Evaton (Gauteng)

Zonder-Water Housing Development Of 935 homes to be built as part of the Zonder-Water housing project in Evaton, Gauteng, only 256 have been constructed – despite 92% of the budget having been already spent. In 2011, work began on the Zonder-Water housing development, but came to an inexplicable halt in…

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