Tembisa Residents Turn Violent Over Electricity Disconnections

Winnie Mandela Informal Settlement in Tembisa

Residents of Winnie Mandela in Tembisa north, Ekurhuleni, took to the streets last night burning down the local clinic and destroying 11 municipal vehicles’ as they vented their anger over the disconnection of illegal power connections. The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) is currently carrying out a campaign to deal with…

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Bungled legal processes keep Gauteng’s roads in the dark

A service level agreement, to be signed in December 2014, ensuring the lights on Gauteng’s freeways would be adequately maintained has still not been ratified by the South African Roads Agency (SANRAL) and the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport (GDRAT).   This was revealed in a Roads and Transport…

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