South African embassies not ready to register citizens for elections

July 6, 2018

by Mike Moriarty MPL – DA Principal Representative of the Party Liaison Committee

The Democratic Alliance is concerned that South African embassies in Geneva, Berne and Paris are not yet allowing South African citizens to register to vote in the 2019 elections.

The DA Abroad have received complaints from South African citizens living in these cities that they have been turned away when attempting to register.

Upon phoning these embassies we have been told by officials that they are not yet ready to register voters.

South Africans have already had a registration weekend this year and can at any point visit an IEC office to register and update their details.

South African citizens living and working abroad are, by law, afforded the same opportunity through South African embassies.

It is unacceptable that South Africans living in these cities have not been allowed to register due to the tardiness of officials.

The DA will write to both the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) and the IEC to ascertain what the hold-up is and how long it will take before this situation is rectified.

All South Africans, at home and abroad, should be able to register to vote for change in the 2019 elections.

South African citizens living abroad who are having difficulty registering at South African embassies should contact DA Abroad at:

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