Simon ‘sex-pest’ Mofokeng is the poster-child of an immoral Gauteng ANC

November 14, 2017

The following speech was delivered today by DA Gauteng Provincial Leader, John Moodey MPL, during the DA’s march to the Emfuleni Municipal Office’s calling for the removal of ANC Mayor, Simon Mofokeng.

Fellow Democrats, Residents of Emfuleni,

I greet you today under a cloud of sadness, a dark cloud that has engulfed the Emfuleni region.

We stand here today as a collective to display our disgust, not only with Mayor Simon Mofokeng – and the despicable acts that he has carried out, but with ANC as a collective that has lost its moral fibre and has shielded the Mayor from scrutiny.

For far too long, Simon Mofokeng has been able to wriggle his way out of numerous situations that should have seen him removed from office.

Under his watch, Emfuleni has been bankrupted.

The municipality has no money in its coffers to pay its bills. It has no money to roll out services to residents. Power and water entities are breathing down its neck threatening to disconnect supply, which will effectively cripple the municipality and wreck the lives of its residents.

These tell-tale signs are indicative of an ANC that is also bankrupt.

It is bankrupt of morals. It is bankrupt of ethics, and it is bankrupt of leaders who put communities before self-gain.

Simon Mofokeng is the epitome of this bankrupt organisation.

His disregard for the people whom he is elected to serve oozes from the Shakespeare Hotel to ANC’s Regional Offices.

The complacency of the Gauteng ANC has allowed Mofokeng to become a law unto himself.

The DA condemns Mofokeng’s alleged acts and the damage that it has caused to his victim, her family and the community.

Nobody is above the law. Mofokeng must have his day in court and be tried according to the laws of our land.

However, until that day comes – he should not be on the receiving end of the benefits of the office that he is unfit to hold.

Being placed on suspension from office is not enough.

The ANC, particularly Gauteng Chairperson, Paul Mashatile has let Mofokeng off the hook.

This is because of the political sway Mofokeng holds in the Vaal region in the build-up to the party’s elective congress in December.

ANC factionalism is eating away at the core of our society.

We have seen how President Zuma has been allowed to run amok, beholden to none.

His actions set the tone for ill-governance and poor behaviour displayed by some cadres of the ANC who have applied the same logic in their own little fiefdoms.

This incident highlights the need to bring a new beginning to Gauteng. This new beginning ensures that the people always come first and a commitment to good governance and responsive and caring government officials. The people of Gauteng deserve better than the arrogance and corruption of ANC in this great province.

The DA will not stand-by and allow the oath breaker, a legislative delinquent and alleged sex-pest to continue to run Emfuleni into the ground.

We will not allow the ANC to destroy the futures of the many at the expense of one man.

We will not be silenced in our efforts to seek justice and to bring an alleged sex offender to book.

Both Mofokeng’s victim and family have our love and support.

Through these trying times, we are united as a people and resolved in our efforts to bring about real change and clear the dark clouds hanging over Emfuleni and usher in a bright future, one that is full of hope, safety and prosperity

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