SANRAL loses bid to toll Western Cape highways: Time to scrap Gauteng’s e-tolls

e-Tolls: With prosecutions looming, where is Premier Makhura?
September 30, 2015


Toll Victory

The Western Cape High Court this morning ruled against SANRAL’s attempts to toll Western Cape highways, and the DA calls on Premier David Makhura and the ANC to finally scrap e-tolls in Gauteng.

What has happened in the Western Cape, must now happen here in Gauteng.

It is widely known, and accepted by the ANC, that e-tolls have been denying the poor access to jobs and have a detrimental effect on working class people, a fact which has now been recognised by the court.

The new e-toll dispensation is nothing but a red herring to force people to pay for an unjust and unfair system, and will continue to be met with public resistance in the years ahead.

Fuel Levy

Instead, the entire project could have been financed through a small ring-fenced increase in the fuel levy from 2008, and in the process building up reserves for future upgrades to Gauteng’s highways.

South Africa’s economic health depends on that of Gauteng, and e-tolls is a virus slowly eating away this province’s prospects for economic growth and job creation.

If Gauteng fails, South Africa fails, and e-tolls is one burden too many.

Media enquiries:

John Moodey MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

082 960 3743

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