Mamelodi Hostels exemplify uncaring Tshwane governance

Today I visited Block J Hostel in Mamelodi where people live in undignified and horrific conditions, because the City of Tshwane has given up on improving the lives of the people who live here. Desperate residents live without working toilets, without running water, with no electricity, and they walk across…

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11 of Emfuleni’s 13 Libraries Have No Internet Access

Emfuleni Local Municipality

Gauteng, arts, culture, sports and recreation MEC Faith Mazibuko must explain why 11 of Emfuleni’s 13 libraries are without internet access, despite the department providing funds and paying services providers to maintain internet kiosks inside the libraries. There are computers at the kiosks, however none are in working condition. These…

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Gauteng Shack Fires An Indication Of Poor Human Settlements Policy

Kya Sands shack fires`

The recent shack fires which has caused the displacement of 2500 people in Kya Sands and Cleveland south east of Johannesburg is a clear indication of poor human settlements planning by Gauteng Department of Human Settlements. The Provincial Government’s inability to implement stringent policies for in-situ upgrades of settlements and…

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R1.3 million For “Security” At Abandoned School In Brakpan

R1.3 million for “security” at abandoned school in Brakpan

The Gauteng Provincial Department of Education has spent just over R1.3 million for private security to guard the derelict Brakpan Primary School. Since 2012 the department has spent over R8 million on private security for abandoned schools in the province. However, functional schools with learners, teachers and school facilities have…

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