#FixMerafong: The ANC is failing the residents of Merafong

September 1, 2017


Merafong is in crisis. Financial mismanagement, corruption, and ineffectiveness threatens the stability of our municipality.

Under the ineffective leadership of the ANC our municipality:

  • Has created a culture of corruption
  • Has not delivered much-needed services
  • Is severely behind on ESKOM & Rand Water payments, which could affect our electricity & water supply
  • Has done little to curb 50% water loss due to ailing infrastructure & lack of maintenance

It is clear that the ANC has no interest in serving the people of Merafong.

Sign our petition calling on Gauteng Provincial Government, in particular the Cooperative Governance MEC, Paul Mashatile, to intervene in Merafong Local Municipality in terms of Section 139.5 of the Constitution in order to obtain the following outcomes: Impose a recovery plan aimed at securing the municipality’s ability to meet its obligations to provide basic services or its financial commitments, which is to be prepared in accordance with national legislation, take action against officials who are involved in corruption, ensure that the municipality is able to pay all its debtors, particularly Eskom and Rand Water and to ensure the municipality becomes financially viable to facilitate the local economy of Merafong.

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