Petition to remove Premier Makhura

May 9, 2018

Premier Makhura must be held accountable for the 144 Life Esidimeni deaths, and the suffering of countless more!

On the 15th of May 2018, the DA in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature will table a motion of no confidence against Premier David Makhura.

144 Esidimeni patients suffered cruel and unnatural deaths because no one in the Gauteng government was heeding the warnings that a tragedy of epic proportions was unfolding.

The individual tasked with oversight in our province, Premier Makhura, refused to hear and refused to see, even when presented with overwhelming evidence of the human disaster that was occurring.

It cannot be business as usual for the Premier who is ultimately responsible for a gross miscarriage of leadership by his provincial government.

As the custodian of Gauteng’s 14.3 million residents, avoidable deaths on this scale, is reason enough for Premier Makhura to vacate his position.

Sign our petition and show members of the Provincial Legislature that you want David Makhura to account for his role in the Esidimeni tragedy: 

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