Mogale City hides reasons for water outages

July 4, 2018

by Alan Fuchs MPL – DA Constituency Head: Mogale City

Mogale City Local Municipality blamed Rand Water for the latest 4-day water outage, when in fact, the real reason for the outage was that the municipality had not paid its water bill.

This resulted in the ‘throttling’ of water supply by Rand Water.

There are serious technical problems and expertise deficits in Mogale City that result in the number of water outages far exceeding that of other municipalities in Gauteng.

High lying areas of Krugersdorp were the first to run out of water early last week.

Officials in the municipality laid the blame on Rand Water. In addition, a narrative was created which suggested that the theft of electrical cables in Bruma was the cause. DA public representatives in the council and in parliament, however exposed the real reasons for the outage.

The municipality was in arrears to the tune of R37 million resulted in Rand Water reducing the supply.

Apparently, an agreement was reached whereby Mogale City would make an interim payment of R7 million to Rand Water in return for supply to be resumed. It is simply unacceptable that the real reasons for the outage were hidden from the public.

An urgent investigation is required to bring to book those who did not divulge the facts.

The time has come for residents to channel their frustration, to stand together and challenge the ANC in Mogale City for its negligence.

The most powerful action that Mogale City residents can take is to vote for change led by the DA. The DA will continue to champion the rights of Mogale citizens and hold the ANC to account.

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