MEC Mashatile is protecting corruption in Emfuleni

October 12, 2017

It is now clear that either the Gauteng Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) MEC, Paul Mashatile is not in a position to provide or disclose any documents with regards to the projects in Emfuleni Local Municipality or he is protecting the local ANC leadership.

The DA submitted written questions to COGTA in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature in August 2017 with regards to the following projects in Emfuleni Local Municipality: Mississippi (Evaton West Extension 5) Moedi Recreation Facility, Boipatong ECDC, Evaton Cemetry and Zone 10 Trapeziodal Concrete Channel. We received the replies on 21 August 2017 with an illegible annexure attached to the answer sheet.

We have on several occasions requested legible annexures from the department and even opted for hand delivery; to date we are still waiting for a response.

We have no other option but to conclude that this illegible annexure was attached intentionally to deprive us from viewing the details of the contractors and the monies paid for the work done on each project.

According to the MEC, the municipality has terminated the services of the contractors and the reasons for termination are not highlighted; all answers refer to this unclear annexure.

This is the second time that the MEC is refusing to provide us with the documents with regards to Emfuleni projects. In February 2017, we submitted a Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) application to obtain the Evaton Renewal Project documents and to date this has not been answered.

It seems that the MEC has something to hide; he is protecting the corrupt ANC–led Emfuleni administration at the expense of our people.

Emfuleni Local Municipality residents continue to suffer due to lack of service delivery as there is nothing to show for the work that has been done on all these projects.

The DA will continue to pressure the MEC to disclose the details about these projects. This is the tax payer’s money, the public has the right to know how their money is being spent.

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