MEC Creecy admits failing ANC municipalities are a serious risk to Gauteng’s wellbeing

December 3, 2018

by Ina Cilliers MPL – DA Gauteng Constituency Head: Merafong

Last week, during the annual report debate of the Gauteng Treasury, Gauteng Finance MEC, Barbara Creecy told the House frankly that failing ANC municipalities, including the West Rand District Municipality and Merafong – which invested money with VBS, pose a serious risk to service delivery in Gauteng.

Emfuleni was placed under administration earlier this year and the West Rand District Municipality must certainly follow soon.

The MEC stated that the forensic investigation launched by GPT into the VBS scandal was finalised and the report should be released by the end of November.

It is unfortunate that none of the various so-called financial turn-around strategies implemented by either GPG or National Treasury over the last 4 years have yielded any results.

The daily suffering of the people living in these rural areas of Gauteng is becoming more and more tangible.

The fact is that the GPG has been presiding steadily over the decline of ANC municipalities for the past seven years.

As far back as 2012, forensic reports have highlighted serious issues of mal-administration, corruption amongst officials, and looting.

In the West Rand District specifically, no officials have been called to account despite the overwhelming body of evidence against them.

In Emfuleni, the Executive Mayor was only removed after allegations of sexual misconduct woke the failing ANC from their complacent slumber.

It is only now, in the months building up to one of South Africa’s most important elections that the failing ANC-led GPG is becoming vocal about interventions that were within their legal mandate all along.

In stark contrast – DA-led Midvaal, which faces the same economic climate as Emfuleni and the West Rand, is hailed for its clean administration, capable officials, and zero tolerance for corruption.

The DA difference is clear where we govern- residents of Gauteng will have a chance next year to usher in a provincial government that espouses the same people-centred style of governance.

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