Jeppe Clinic patients desperately waiting for facility upgrades

September 13, 2017

Despite its five month closure, doors to the Jeppe Clinic in Johannesburg will continue to remain shut as much-needed renovations, due to be complete at the end of this month, have not even started.

The clinic was shut down in April this year due to roof leaks and general unhealthy conditions. However, the R396 000 worth of renovations to repair these problems never got off to a start, despite the clinic’s closure.

Patients who use the clinic will now have to wait possibly another five months for services to resume.

Gauteng MEC for Infrastructure, Jacob Mamabolo, has gone on record stating that “as government we must be accountable…” however, it is evident that accountability only extends to juniors who will take the fall for this fiasco.

Ultimately the buck stops with MEC Mamabolo.

Instead of spending the last six months on a public relations exercise, trying to convince residents that his department is in good hands, the MEC should rather have monitored this project from inception to completion.

The blame-game is a hallmark of the Department of Infrastructure Development (DID) when projects fail or are incomplete. The MEC is quick to blame contractors, but if he and his team had their fingers on the pulse, there would be no room for the many shoddy projects handled by his department.

When projects fail, service delivery fails and Gauteng’s 13 million residents bear the brunt of this.

The DA will investigate why renovations at this critical government facility never got off the ground and what the turnaround time will be to re-open the clinic to ensure services resume as soon as possible.

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