Gung-ho Orlando Cops Shooting Unacceptable

March 4, 2015

The Orlando SAPS members who ” mistakenly” shot Mduduzi Nkosi 3 times on Monday evening must be disciplined.

Two officers, dressed in plain clothes in an unmarked vehicle approached Mduduzi’s vehicle; who upon thinking he was being hijacked drove off. Following the arrival of a JMPD vehicle, Nkosi then climbed out of his car and told them his driver’s license was in his car, was then shot him 3 times by the police who were dressed plain clothes who failed to establish his identity or identifying themselves.

Shooting an unarmed, unidentified man, without identifying oneself as a police officer is unacceptable.  The SAPS alleged that a murder suspect with them had identified Nkosi’s car as a place where weapons were hidden.  One would assume this information should be verified in some way before shooting someone.  There should be procedures in place when handling a matter such as this.

This gung-ho attitude on the part of police cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.  IPID must be called in to investigate the matter and this should have been explained to Nkosi’s family by the Orlando Station Commander on trying to lay charges against the officers involved.

It is highly suspicious that cartridge casings were allegedly removed from the street and no crime scene analysis was conducted.  Are the SAPS protecting their own in this matter?

Sloppy police work and an abuse of power are evident in the way this matter was handled.  These officers must be held to the highest account for not following procedure.  It is only through luck that Mduduzi Nkosi survived.


Media enquiries:

Kate Lorimer MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Community Safety

083 642 2727

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