When are e-tolls going to fall, Premier Makhura?

November 2, 2018

by Cllr Solly Msimanga – DA Gauteng Premier Candidate

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes the comments by the Gauteng Premier, David Makhura during the Tripartite Alliance march to the Union Buildings against e-tolls today.

The Premier said “The e-tolls shall fall”, the question is when will e-tolls fall Mr Premier?

This is one of many broken promises made by the failing ANC government that has implemented e-tolls without consulting the people of Gauteng.

Premier Makhura cannot be trusted like many other ANC leaders. He failed to effectively fight e-tolls despite admitting that the e-tolls are not working.

The Premier has broken his commitment that he made on numerous occasions to the Gauteng residents that his government will address the issue of e-tolls.

The ANC is once again misleading the residents of Gauteng, by once again promising ahead of the elections to scrap e-tolls.

E-tolls cannot be used as voting fodder during every election period.

Our people want e-tolls to be scrapped immediately and there is a chance to do exactly that this year when the contract ends on 31 December.

If the President was indeed concerned about the plight of the poor in this country as echoed, by Jeffrey Radebe, Minister of Energy while receiving the memorandum, the President would have scrapped the e-tolls long time ago.

It is clear that the ANC has no intention of doing away with e-tolls. These utterances are nothing more of the same empty promises by the ANC.

The DA will continue to put pressure on the ANC government to scrap e-tolls now and find alternative ways of paying for e-tolls and settling the debt owed.

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