DA notes establishment of sanitation forum in Gauteng

February 4, 2015

Cirota-MervynThe DA in Gauteng notes the establishment of the sanitation forum by Premier David Makhura.

The establishment of such a forum is exactly what the DA has been calling for since October last year, and shot down by the ANC in the Provincial Legislature.

Despite the ANC’s short-sightedness, the DA is pleased that the Premier has noted the importance of such a forum to address human settlements development.

However, the ambiguity of its establishment needs to be addressed, as no certainty exists whether it will be run by the Premier’s office or the Human Settlements Department, as the terms of reference over its purpose, mandate and ultimate goal remain undetermined.

The Premier needs to immediately clarify:

• The terms of reference of the sanitation forum;
• Whether it will be run from the Premier’s office or the department;
• Whether an investigation into the provision of sanitation and sewage-related basic services will be conducted first hand;
• That an empirical analysis of Gauteng’s communities in informal settlements will be gathered to inform action steps to address the sanitation shortfall; and
• Clarify the participation and contribution by communities most effected by the lack of basic sanitation.

Meeting basic human needs in communities is imperative in the development of every South African. Failing to attend to these needs robs citizens of their basic right to inclusive citizenship.

Media Enquiries:
Mervyn Cirota MPL
DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Human Settlements
060 558 8312