Where we Govern

Since the 2016 Local Government Elections, around 16 million South Africans experience some form of DA governance.

The DA currently governs in 3 of the main municipalities in Gauteng. These include South Africa’s administrative capital, Tshwane; our economic centre, Johannesburg; and the fastest growing municipality in Gauteng, Midvaal.

DA-run governments are recognised as among the best in South Africa by national government and a variety of other agencies. While we recognise that where we govern there is still much to be done to redress past imbalances, we are working every day to ensure further progress is being made that improves the lives of all residents where we govern.



This is Midvaal Local Municipality’s second term of DA governance, the only returning administration voted in by an increased majority, up from 55% to 59.7%.

Because, all our people, regardless of political affiliation, want to be served inclusively by their municipality, Midvaal’s vision is: “To inclusively serve the needs of our community.”

With consistently clean audits and a very low unemployment rate, Midvaal Local Municipality will keep setting the bar higher for municipalities in Gauteng.

We’ve got stats to back-it up

  • Only one municipality in Gauteng for year 2015/16 was able to receive a clean audit according to the latest figures released by the Auditor General. This was the achievement of the Midvaal Municipality. This was in stark contrast to figures released on the performances of Johannesburg ,Tshwane, Sedibeng, Ekurhuleni and Mogale, all under ANC administration at the time;
  • The recently released Dodgy Expenditure Monitor report by Municipal IQ, rated the DA-governed Midvaal as the top performer when compared to other local municipalities. This means that the levels of unauthorised, irregular, and fruitless and wasteful expenditure (UIFW) in Midvaal sits at 0% of the municipality’s annual budget. Indicating that the people’s money goes directly to the delivery of services and the creation of jobs, in line with the DA’s manifesto and commitment to good governance;
  • With an unemployment rate of 18,8% and a youth unemployment rate of 25,4%, it is clear that the DA-governed Midvaal Municipality is working hard to build an inclusive and dynamic economy despite a harsh economic environment, which is marked by credit rating downgrades and rising unemployment;
  • Midvaal’s Kgatelopele Youth Programme, has empowered 99 young entrepreneurs with the skills and resources to grow their businesses, which will contribute to the economy of Midvaal and ultimately the province.

Download “Midvaal: A mode of good governance”



After outlawing blue light brigades for all public representatives, putting a stop to luxury vehicles, and banning unnecessary international travel, DA-led Tshwane has invested in a pro-poor budget. Already, over 6 000 residents are receiving their title deeds, giving residents ownership of a home that can be passed on to their children. Their new Anti-Drug Unit is taking drugs off our streets, with the help of community-led organisations offering support and drug education. And the mayoral mansion is for sale – instead of improving the lives of politicians, the Metro plans to use the money to bring better services to those who need them most.

We’ve got stats to back-it up

  • Since coming into office, the DA-led Tshwane has launched programmes and mechanisms designed to save the City money. Chief among these are the strategic sourcing of goods, an open tender system, e-procurement systems which are all aimed at curbing leakages in the supply chain process as well as rampant maladministration;
  • Numerous fraud cases that have been instituted against corrupt officials;
  • City has completed the upgrading and construction of the Zithobeni and Block JJ Clinics;
  • Steady progress is being made on increasing the operational fleet across the City. A rotational system for high priority vehicles (such as cherry pickers) has been implemented to improve service delivery and improve cooperation across the regions;
  • As of 16 January 2017, the City of Tshwane has achieved a saving of 21.7% of water from the Vaal River System;
  • To date, more than 80% of households in the City have access to electricity. This goal is achieved through partnership between the City and ESKOM;
  • Ongoing joint intelligence-driven operations with SAPS and Crime Intelligence are taking place in all identified crime hotspots in Tshwane;
  • The Inner City Rejuvenation Initiative was launched in March 2017;
  • In capacitating the Emergency Services fleet, the City purchased 18 rapid intervention vehicles, 33 ambulances and 1 Maxilance, demonstrating its determination to bring emergency services, a part of service delivery, to all Tshwane residents.

City of Johannesburg

This DA-led coalition government is making great strides to bring better services to its most vulnerable residents. Money has been set aside and work has begun to bring water, electricity, sanitation and roads to 51 informal settlements over the next few years. 11 clinics will get extended hours so that residents can access healthcare in the evenings and on weekends. And the decision to fast-track the title deed delivery process is starting to pay off for the 3 900 residents who have been receiving ownership of a home that they can pass on to their children.

We’ve got stats to back-it up

  • As part of a 10-point plan to fast-track housing delivery within the City and reverse the poor service delivery, 253 title deeds have been delivered to the residents of Braamfischerville;
  • The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has embarked on a R30 million upgrade of the M2 West Highway/Main Reef Road and linked extensions to ease congestion and improve access on this key arterial route;
  • An additional 1500 officers have been deployed in the City as part of a visible policing strategy to curb crime;
  • To date, the City’s K9-Narcotics Unit  has yielded much success, including: recovering 100kgs of drugs; affecting 597 arrests; recovering 463 stolen or hijacked vehicles; and recovering over 1044 stolen items of property alongside 52 firearms;
  • With an intensive focus on rooting out corruption, 30 City employees have been arrested 91 employees have been suspended and three senior officials have resigned as a result of investigations;
  • When the DA entered office, all the City’s 81 clinics only operated from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. Effective from the 1st of April 2017, the City rolled out extended operating hours at the Freedom Park; Hikensile; Randburg; Zandspruit; Princess Park and Albert Street clinics. These clinics are now open from 7am to 10pm on weekdays and from 7:30am to 1pm on weekends and Public Holidays;
  • Extended library hours have been implemented at the following community libraries: Diepsloot and Ivory Park North; Randburg; Florida; Protea North; Sandton; Yeoville; Orange Farm and Ennerdale. These libraries will operate from 9am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays and will greatly assist communities where children study without the support of electricity.