DA growth in Winterveld by-election shows Gauteng is up for grabs

November 6, 2018

by John Moodey MPL – DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes the growth in the by-election it contested in ward 9 in Tshwane yesterday as a sign of change that is coming in 2019.

The by-election follows the arrest of the previous ANC Councillor for rape.

The DA grew from 6.04% in 2016 to 17.75% in the ANC-run ward, which is a testament to the DA’s goal of bringing change to Gauteng in 2019.

Further to the encouraging results that we saw in ward 9, we have now become the official opposition in the ward, a position previously held by the Economic Freedom Fighters.

This result shows that DA is growing and dispels recent polling data that lack credibility. All recent trends show that hundreds of thousands of South Africans are excited by our offer of change that builds One South Africa for All.

We would like to thank residents of Winterveld for their increased support in the DA.

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