DA Gauteng Debates Human Rights Day

March 17, 2017

Speech by: Graham Gersbach MPL

“Three worlds in one Ward”

  • Ward 1 in Ekurhuleni is made up of 3 VDs in a highly secure complex of what will eventually be 7 gated estates, 3 working class bonded housing VDs inclusive of an Industrial township, 2 VDs of predominantly RDP housing projects and 1 VD that is an informal settlement.
    • Air pollution from the Elandsfontein industrial area and LG Landfill where delisted mining waste from Marikana is processed affects this Ward. This waste is a major contributor of perceived health problems and various court cases are pending.
    • The Tswelopele Extension 8 residents were relocated in 2007 across the Kaalspruit with the promise that their land was to be re-developed for them to then move back. Ten years later and nothing has been done to house them. The foot bridge connecting these residents to Mpumelelo Primary School where their children went to school was washed away in a rain storm and it took 5 years before a new bridge was built.
    • This is just scratching the surface of the problems resulting from a lack of service delivery, and all the residents of Ward 1 can rightly claim that government has failed in upholding their basic human rights.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by: Adriana Randall MPL

“Lest we forget the injustices of the past, and of the present”

  • As we join today in discussing the celebration of Human Rights Day, we do so knowing that more needs to be done in advancing and protecting human rights in the province and the country.
    • With every right and freedom we enjoy today, comes responsibility. We cannot allow for the expression of hatred, racism, sexism, intolerance and any other injustice against our fellow human beings.
    • The DA will remember the 100+ psychiatric patients who died because the Gauteng Department of Health did not honour their responsibility in defending and protecting the rights of the most vulnerable, marginalised and forgotten in society.
    • We must continue the fight to see Madiba’s dream of a constitutional democracy founded on the values of human dignity, equality and non-racialism realised in South Africa.
    • We are stronger together, united in our diversity. This is a core value of the DA, and it should be for the rest of the country too.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by:Dr Heinrich Volmink MPL

“Human rights cannot be sold-out for selfish political ends”

  • Today’s debate has reflected on the Bill of Rights. However, we have to ask the question: have these rights become a reality for our people?
    • As a health professional, I have had the privilege of serving our communities. In
so doing I have seen, first-hand, how the right to access healthcare
has often been denied because of state failure; whether that be in a shortage
of essential medicines or in the agonizing wait of long queues.
    • I would ask every citizen in our country and in this province to take heart: 
because 2019 is coming. And that year will usher in a DA-led
government in Gauteng that will protect all of our rights, including
those of the most vulnerable in our society

The full speech can be obtained here.



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