DA calls for calm in Leeuwfontein

Ina Cilliers DA Gauteng Spokesperson: Economic Development, Agriculture, Rural Development and Environmental Affairs
February 19, 2015


The DA calls on the community of Leeufontein east of Pretoria, to be patient while we engage with Cooperative Governance (COGTA), MEC Jacob Mamabolo over their service delivery grievances.

Community members occupied three plots of land which was allegedly sold to them illegally – and the matter is yet to be settled in court.

The failure to ensure proper transfer of ownership has caused a lack of infrastructure development in the community.

Leeufontein informal dwellers took to the streets after they had been waiting for over a year for basic services like housing, water and electricity.

While the DA respects people’s right to peaceful protest, we do not condone the wanton destruction of property and illegal land invasion.

To this end the DA calls on MEC Mamabolo to provide alternative accommodation to informal dwellers, serviced with basic services such as water, sanitation and electricity to the community of Leeufontein.

The DA has also submitted written questions to MEC Mamabolo demanding an explanation as to who the title bearers of these properties are, why this land was occupied before township development processes were finalised, and what plans his department has put in place for alternative resettlement for residents.

The people of Leeufontein have the right to dignified living conditions, provided with quality basic services, and the DA will continue with our efforts until these rights are realised.

Media Enquiries:
Adriana Randall MPL
DA Constituency Head: Taemane
060 556 4342


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  1. Hi
    Thnx for follow up about the service delivery of Leeufontein in Pretoria. As a resident I would like to know if MEC Mamabolo did reply to about the when are they going to provide electricity, sanitations and water?


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