Community Safety Budget Receives Incremental Increase Despite Poor Spending

March 8, 2015
During the third quarter of the 2013/14 financial year the Gauteng Department of Community Safety only managed to spend 43% of its budget.  Yet, despite the year-on-year incremental increase the year-end financial outcome expenditure result is always poor.

In her recent 2015/16 Gauteng Budget speech Finance MEC Barbara Creecy announced an allocation of R189 million to strengthen Civilian Oversight over the SAPS.

The Civilian Oversight budget committee facilitates police monitoring and evaluation. This includes overseeing the improvement of police conduct through visits to police stations, auditing of dockets and to ensuring police accountability.

Curtailing the incidences of crime requires the creation of a culture where there is a general respect for the rule of law and an understanding that there will be consequences for breaking it.

Oversight is imperative as it ensures that police officials do not fall short in their duties to citizens.

It’s time that the Gauteng provincial government stop rewarding substandard performance and holds our police to proper account.

Media Enquiries:
Michele Clarke MPL
DA Spokesperson on Community Safety
060 558 8309

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