Boipatong residents neglected by failing ANC government

October 31, 2018
by Solly Msimanga – DA Gauteng Premier Candidate

Under the failing ANC-led administration Boipatong residents in Emfuleni Local Municipality are facing a severe lack of service delivery.

This community is plagued with numerous challenges ranging from poor sanitation, sewer blockages, no refuse collection and no proper tarred roads.

There is no maintenance on sewage infrastructure, the sewer pipes are old and have not yet been replaced.

Almost all the main sewer drains in the area are blocked with raw sewage flowing all over the road to the surrounding houses and next to Lebohang Secondary School.

The area reeks of raw sewage, it is a health hazard and poses a health risk to the community and learners.

The residents claim that their children are often sick due to the foul air they are inhaling.

They also claim that the drain next to the Lebohang Secondary School has been overflowing since 2014 and nothing has been done to fix it.

This sewer has had a negative impact on informal traders in the area as they are unable to trade outside due to raw sewerage on the streets.

The refuse collection system has collapsed, the residents are now resorting to illegal dumping and the streets are full of litter as there is no one cleaning the streets.

Corruption, maladministration and irregular expenditure has led to the collapse of this ANC-led Emfuleni Local Municipality.

The DA will not sit back while our people are deprived of their basic human right to proper sanitation as enshrined by the constitution.

We will be staging a political sit in at the offices of the Emfuleni Local Municipality Mayor, Jacob Khawe to ensure that all the main sewerage holes are fixed in Boipatong.

During the DA political sit in, we will ensure that we don’t leave the Mayor’s office unless the sewer is fixed.

The residents of Boipatong have suffered enough under the ANC government and they are in desperate need of CHANGE that only the DA can bring.

Come 2019 when the DA governs Gauteng we will ensure that we prioritise and speed up service delivery in these forgotten communities.

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