More arrogance from Esidimeni MEC

November 13, 2017

I am appalled at the arrogant and self-pitying statement by former Gauteng Health MEC, Qedani Mahlangu, that tries to justify delaying her appearance before the Esidimeni arbitration hearings to January next year.

On Friday last week she attacked the media and claimed that “from the beginning, in line with my conscience, I have made it clear to all authorities involved that I’m available to appear before the Arbitration. As such, I need no subpoena.”

While she is studying in comfort in England, the relatives of those who died in the Esidimeni tragedy are hurting because she does not feel the need to return immediately to explain her actions that led to 143 deaths at the last count.

What conscience does she have to put her own needs above those who suffered because of what she has done?

It is unacceptable that she will only appear at the hearings from 22 to 26 January next year.

Justice Dikgang Moseneke has tried to conclude the hearings this year, but Mahlangu’s continuing insensitivity and selfishness means that relatives’ agony will be cruelly extended.

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