Are police selling firearms used to terrorise the people?

January 21, 2015

Moodey,-JohnThe DA notes the arrest of Colonel Chris Prinsloo as part of a Western Cape police investigation into links between police and criminal gangs and the sale of firearms, ammunition and gun licences.

While police claim Colonel Prinsloo’s arrest relates strictly to ammunition found at his home, the DA is extremely concerned over the extent of the rot that has set in in the SAPS.

In a written reply to DA questions late last year it emerged that 633 Gauteng police-issue firearms had been reported lost or stolen, and that since 2011, 281 firearms handed over were lost or stolen from police safe-keeping across the province.

Click here to view Gauteng Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane’s response.

Of particular concern is the high numbers of firearms stolen from individual police stations, such as from Nigel (23), Lyttelton (59), Rietgat (26) and Vereeniging (33).

The question is of course, whether these firearms have made their way to criminal gangs in the Western Cape, or if they are being used to terrorise people in Eldorado Park, Riverlea, Westbury, Reiger Park and elsewhere in Gauteng.

While the year-long investigation is still ongoing, the DA remains concerned over the possible extent of police officials’ involvement in the sale of firearms.

To this end we will submit further questions requesting the details of investigations into the loss of these 914 firearms, whether they have been concluded, and whether any individuals have been disciplined, dismissed, or charged and convicted.

Police are mandated to protect and to serve the people, and the rot must be prevented from spreading.

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