ANC shields Premier Makhura from accountability in Motion of No Confidence

May 15, 2018

by John Moodey MPL – DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

During the sitting in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature to vote on the DA’s Motion of No Confidence in Premier Makhura the ANC showed that they have no appetite for accountability and voted against the motion – shielding Premier Makhura from accountability.

When the Esidimeni tragedy unfolded, Premier Makhura – who knew about the cancellation of the Life Esidimeni contract and the decision to move vulnerable mentally ill patients to unaccredited NGO’s – should have vacated his office.

Despite claiming that he would take accountability for the tragedy – he has done nothing other than to plaster over the cracks in his image.

This is not accountability.

The vote against the motion by the ANC shows that the organisation has no moral compass and in shielding Makhura, has endorsed his part in this needless waste of human life.

The horrors experienced by those who were sent to their deaths will forever be imprinted on the image of the ANC.

Despite this horrendous event, conditions for mentally ill residents of the province have not improved.

The ANC is more concerned about clinging to power than serving the people of Gauteng.

Their actions show that accountability will never happen under their watch and they will continue to show disdain for citizens of this province.

The time has come to wipe the slate clean and begin again with an organization that has the interests of the people from all walks of life, at heart.

Come 2019, the people of Gauteng will be given a chance to start again.

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