DA’s plan for Gauteng


The DA believes in the potential of Gauteng and calls on YOU to believe in a Gauteng that can be truly great. After all, Gauteng’s potential for greatness lies with its people.

Our promise to you is built on:

  • Creating opportunities for jobs and the growing economy
  • Increasing safety and fighting crime
  • Improving access to quality education
  • Improving access to quality health services
  • Improving access to integrated and sustainable housing
  • Social welfare and community development
  • Increasing access to safe and efficient transport
  • Building a united Gauteng through sports, recreation, arts and culture
  • Creating opportunities for growth and development in rural areas
  • Protecting the environment for future generations
  • Boosting municipalities to ensure service delivery for all
  • Ensuring a clean and corruption-free government



Imagine a better future for our country. In 2029, after 10 years of a DA-run national government, this better future is a reality.

DA governments care, are lean, clean, responsive and citizen oriented.