Since 2006, the Midvaal Municipality has set the benchmark for local governance in Gauteng. Over the years, Midvaal has risen to become the best governed municipality in Gauteng, whereby, through well planned and effective implementation of its spatial development policies, it has fast become a preferred investment destination.

The Midvaal Municipality’s eight development principles strike the perfect balance between natural resources and industrial activity, protecting and enhancing agricultural production, promoting tourism, and promoting industrial and commercial economic activity along the R59 development corridor.

With local government elections looming in 2016, more and more South Africans are focussing their attention on the quality of service delivery from their local municipalities. During the past years, municipalities across Gauteng have been riddled with reports and allegations of corruption and maladministration, yet there has not been one report of corruption in Midvaal since the DA took office.

Where the DA governs, life is indeed better.

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Midvaal ranks as top performing municipality in Gauteng in annual Municipal Financial Sustainability Index

Ratings Afrika’s Municipal Financial Stability Index (MFSI) for 2014, covering a sample of the 100 largest local municipalitiesin the country, has revealed that Midvaal Local Municipality is the top performing municipality in the Gauteng Province in terms of financial sustainability. The MFSI evaluates the operating performance, indebtedness, budget practices and liquidity position of a municipality and scores these four component out of 100. This forms part of a deeper analysis process that also looks at other sustainability issues such as service delivery and infrastructure capacity.

The trend nationally has been a deterioration in financial sustainability, resulting in poor quality service delivery. The success of the top-performing municipalities has been attributed to stable, consistent institutions which have well-entrenched financial policies, and budgets which are based on sound long-term financial strategies. Midvaal Local Municipality achieved a clean audit for the 2013/2014 financial year, and has implemented various measures to ensure that financial sustainability and excellent service delivery are the key priorities for the municipality to achieve. “Achieving this top position is confirmation that we are doing the right things and moving in the correct direction as a municipality. We are extremely proud of the result, but moving forward now we are already looking at ways to improve relative to our own score for next year. Without financial sustainability, we cannot implement our core mandate of service delivery”, said MMC for Finance, Cllr Patricia Hutcheson.

Midvaal received unqualified audit reports for the last 11 years and a clean audit report in the last financial year.
Midvaal is governed well and has robust accounting systems that ensures public money is spent responsibly.