18 missing Esidimeni patients still receive grants

February 8, 2018

I note the report today in the Beeld newspaper that 18 missing patients from Life Esidimeni are still receiving a state grant.

This is a hopeful sign that they are still alive, but fraud may be involved and someone else may be benefiting from the grant.

The terrible possibility is that some of the grant recipients may be dead.

Further investigation is needed to track down these patients and ensure that they are receiving proper care.

I am concerned that so little has been done to find the 48 patients who are still missing according to the Gauteng Health Department. This is why I opened 62 missing person cases with the police last week according to another list that the Department has circulated.

The Department should involve the media to assist in finding the patients by making their details public, including photographs if these are available.

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